Trump’s biggest fans, from Breitbart to r/The_Donald, are furious about his immigration deal

President Donald Trump’s most hardcore supporters are really angry that he might have reached a deal to protect young immigrants from deportation.

The deal would come with tighter border security and protections for DACA recipients — but no funding for the wall. It is, based on the latest news reports, still in the works.

This has been perceived by some of Trump’s supporters as a betrayal — because Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he’d be “tough” on immigration, build a wall, and deport, not protect, undocumented immigrants.

Ultra-conservative outlet Breitbart labeled Trump “Amnesty Don” after news of the deal. Ann Coulter, an anti-immigrant conservative who’s supported Trump, suggested impeachment.

But perhaps the most telling reaction has come from r/The_Donald. This subreddit is meant for Trump’s most hardcore fans, and it often deletes any negative comments about Trump. Yet on Thursday morning, it was clear that a lot of Trump fans weren’t happy with news of the deal.

As of Thursday morning, one of the most upvoted comments on r/The_Donald in one of the big threads about the looming deal directly insulted Trump:

The most upvoted (but later deleted) reply to that comment echoed the sentiment:

In another thread that’s been up since Wednesday night, by far the most upvoted post, criticized the idea of the deal:

One post characterized the deal as a betrayal that could permanently ruin the chances of a wall at the US-Mexico border:

Another called for action:

Others were concerned that a path to legalization would make Democrats stronger in elections, presumably because immigrants tend to skew Democrat in the voting booth: “If they cave on DACA the Dems will rule this country forever.”

Yet some called for caution, arguing that people should have faith in Trump. “I want Trump to say exactly what the deal is. Trust no one else,” one person posted. Another wrote:

Generally, though, the vibe is unusually negative toward Trump for r/The_Donald. I check the subreddit regularly, particularly after major news events, and I have never seen it like this before. It’s gotten to the point where a lot of people on the subreddit said that there must be “concern trolls” invading these threads. (One person claimed, “Why the fuck have there been so many concern trolls on every single post in the last months? Nobody has answered this for me… This sub has been compromised by a bunch of whiny pussies.”)

It would make sense, though, that this is what leads r/The_Donald and other Trump supporters to turn on the president. If Trump defined his campaign on anything, it’s that he would be tough on illegal immigration. For him to turn around and potentially agree to a deal that protects unauthorized immigrants seems like a huge backstab for much of his base.