‘This Week’ transcript 2-25-18: NRA National Spokesperson Dana Loesch

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We haven’t seen much cooperation across party lines lately — but two prominent governors are trying to change that — Republican John Kasich from Ohio — Democrat John Hickenlooper from Colorado — two term governors — crisscrossing the country — to talk about policies they share — leading some to speculate that they could form a unity ticket in 2020. That came up when Jon Karl spoke to them on Friday — he began with their reflections on the school shooting in Florida.

HICKENLOOPER: We’re at that point where we’re allowing ourselves to be terrorized by ourselves, right. And if you wanted to weaken this country, what better to do it than to make children afraid to go to school? And it’s not just schools. It’s churches, listening to a country music concert. It’s all the places that we create community are now being threatened by our inability to deal with this.

KASICH: What I ask people to do is to kind of search your heart on this. This is not about who’s got political power, this is not about campaign contributions, this is about how you want to look in the mirror and think about what you did when you were in. Nobody wants to take everybody’s guns away. Nobody wants to repeal the second amendment. Oh, a few people but this is about reasonable approaches to keep our communities safe.

KARL: So, I hear a lot of bipartisan agreement from you guys, I hear this often whenever the two of you get together – but I want to ask you something that you probably don’t agree on. What’s going to happen in the midterm elections? Are you going to be working to elect Democrats, I assume? I assume you’re going to be working to elect Republicans?

HICKENLOOPER: So I’ll certainly work to elect Democrats uh I, you know I expect the midterm elections to be a reflection largely of the Trump presidency and we’ll see how that pans out, but I think the midterms, I mean that’s an election moment, right? That’s going to be kind of referendum on the success of the administration.

KASICH: I want to support candidates who I believe want to take the high road. Those that want to create discord and those that want to put the party in front of the country, I’m not showing up. I will tell you another thing. We may be beginning to see the end of a two party system. I’m starting to really wonder if we are going to see a multi-party system at some point in the future in this country. Because I don’t think either party is answering people’s deepest concerns and needs.

KARL: I want to quote back something that you said about your party. You said about Donald Trump, “I simply could not swallow hard and set aside everything I believed for the good of the party.” And you decided obviously not to support him.

KASICH: Well, the party is my vehicle, not my master. And–

KARL: Is that what too many Republicans are doing right now, just–

KASICH: I can’t– look, I’m not going to start criticizing others.

KASICH: Here’s the thing that’s interesting. You know, people want me to criticize my party. Let me tell you about the Democrats. I have no clue what they stand for. And we are heading in to a midterm election where they are counting on the Republicans bouncing the basketball off of their foot and out of bounds, and they’re going to have a decent 2018. A good year. But how can you have a national political party that has no agenda? Just no agenda. And Democrats will tell you that.