Russia Does Not Recognize North Korea Claims to Become Nuclear Power

Russia Does Not Recognize North Korea Claims to Become Nuclear Power
Sputnik/ Grigoriy SisoevPolitics03:51 12.09.2017Get short URLTopic: Hot Button Issue: Latest Launches, Nuclear Tests Escalate Korean Crisis


Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia states that Moscow does not recognize Pyongyang’s claims to obtain nuclear status.

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) — Moscow refutes North Korea’s claims to obtain nuclear power status and supports denuclearization of the peninsula, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia told the UN Security Council.

“Russia does not recognize North Korean claims to obtain the status of a nuclear power and supported all UN Security Council resolutions that demand Pyongyang ceasing its missile programs with the goal of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” Nebenzia said on Monday.

After the vote on new sanctions resolution Russian Ambassador to the UN said that members of the UN Security Council should continue their search for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in North Korea. He also added that the UN Security Council must seriously consider the Russian-Chinese initiative on the peaceful settlement of the crisis in North Korea.

“The fact that the Russian-Chinese initiative was underestimated is a huge mistake,” Nebenzia said. “We will continue to insist on its consideration by the UN Security Council.”

The United Nations Security Council passed a new round of sanctions in retaliation for North Korea’s most powerful nuclear test every conducted on September 3. The resolution bans Pyongyang from exporting textiles while capping how much crude oil and refined petroleum products can be imported.