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Live results for Minnesota primary elections

Voters are heading to the polls on Tuesday for unusually dramatic Minnesota primary elections. Two major Democratic candidates in statewide campaigns — Lori Swanson for governor and Keith Ellison for attorney general — have serious allegations hanging over their races. Swanson, the current state attorney general, has been accused of using employees in her office […]

Live results for the Vermont primary elections

Democrats are holding out hope that they can retake the Vermont governor’s mansion in the 2018 midterm elections as incumbent Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s approval ratings dip. A heated battle over gun control has put the once-popular Scott at risk, though he’s still favored to beat Keith Stern, the small-business owner vying to take him […]

A historian explains how mainstream conservatives made Trump

Is President Donald Trump a perversion of the American conservative movement — or simply an honest reflection of what it’s been for decades? Ever since Trump’s victory in the Republican primary, this has been one of the big questions hanging over American politics. If Trump’s anti-intellectual and race-baiting brand of politics is a parasite on […]

Omarosa has jumped back into the middle of Trump White House drama

President Donald Trump’s decision to hire — and then fire — Omarosa Manigault-Newman is one he’s surely come to regret. The Apprentice contestant turned White House aide has turned on her former boss, including secret recordings from the White House and accusations the president used racist language. Manigault-Newman, 44, is making the media rounds to […]