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Barack Obama just reminded us what we’ve lost

Former President Barack Obama’s Tuesday speech in South Africa, his first major address since leaving office, tried to answer perhaps the biggest current question in the world: Can democracy as we know it survive? The goal of the speech was to define what Obama sees as the central dynamic in 21st-century politics. It’s a battle […]

The European Union hits Google with a $5 billion fine

The European Union hit Google with a $5 billion fine on Wednesday for breaking antitrust laws by pushing device makers using its Android operating system to bundle other Google services on its product. This marks the second time in just over a year Europe has fined the tech giant for anticompetitive practices. The European Commission […]

Trump just offered one of the boldest lies of his presidency

Trump just issued what was arguably the most bald-faced lie of his entire presidency — and that’s saying something. Following massive bipartisan condemnation of Trump’s disastrous press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, in which he questioned whether Russia was responsible for meddling in the 2016 US election, Trump held a surprise press […]

Obama takes indirect aim at Trump during Mandela Day speech

Former President Barack Obama took the stage in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Tuesday to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. It was his biggest public speech since leaving office in 2017 — and he certainly had some things to say. Standing in front of a crowd of about 15,000 people, Obama delivered a stark warning about […]