Zac Posen shares 3 recipes for a dinner party

Fashion designer and “Project Runway” judge Zac Posen is known for his style sense, but it turns out he also gets creative in the kitchen.

Posen, who has shared glimpses of his culinary creations on Instagram, put together a cookbook, “Cooking With Zac,” which features 100 dishes that he said were partly inspired by his global travels.

For Posen, 36, food and fashion are both sensory experiences and creative processes. While he is not a trained chef, Posen said he has cooked and entertained his whole life, and hopes his recipes are accessible to everyone. He also shared some of his tips for entertaining.

“I dress up my surfaces with beautiful linens and pieces of dinnerware my family has collected over the years,” Posen told ABC News in a statement. “I love to bring nature into the house with floral arrangements and appreciate the whimsy and appearance of an edible flower such as lavender, zucchini blossoms or violet.”

Posen, who visited “Good Morning America” today, made three recipes from the cookbook, including a chicken dish he prepared for his friend Heidi Klum and the dessert he made for actress Lena Dunham.

1. Herb-roasted chicken over vegetables with browned butter gravy. Get the recipe here.

Anna WilliamsZac Posen shares a recipe for his Herb-Roasted Chicken over Vegetables With Browned Butter Gravy, from his upcoming cookbook “Cooking With Zac.”

He said his secret to getting his chicken so moist and flavorful is to let it sit out at room temperature before cooking, and massaging it with butter.

2. Miso-roasted squash. Get the recipe here.

Posen encourages readers to be adventurous with their squash choices when making this unique miso-roasted squash recipe.

“If your knowledge of winter squash is confined to butternut and acorn, then you have the wonderful world of winter squash to explore —-like sweet and dense kabocha, savory Calabaza, and mild delicata,” Posen writes in the book. “I like to cut the squash, seed it, and then slice it into wedges for roasting.”

3. Hot chocolate Bundt cake with ganache glaze. Get the recipe here.

This special recipe for a hot chocolate Bundt cake with a ganache glaze was inspired by Posen’s favorite chocolat chaud that he gets at Angelina’s, a popular hot chocolate spot in Paris, France.

“This is not a secret spot,” Posen wrote of Angelina’s. “Sometimes it seems as if nearly every tourist makes his or her way to Angelina’s and it never disappoints … This was the inspiration for my Bundt cake recipe.”

Anna WilliamsFashion designer Zac Posen shares a recipe for his Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake with Ganache Glaze, from his upcoming cookbook “Cooking With Zac.”

“Cooking With Zac” hits bookstores nationwide today.

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