Superintendent announces snow day to students with Madonna-inspired musical number

Snow, wind, ice and sub-freezing temperatures slammed the Northeast on Thursday, but before the winter storm hit, one school decided to have a little fun.

A small school district south of Boston, Massachusetts, thought of a creative way to announce the snow day to its students on Wednesday.

Holbrook Public Schools Superintendent Julie Hamilton and her staff showed off their untapped musical talents by writing and singing a snow day-themed rendition of Madonna’s hit “Like a Prayer.”

“We thought we should put our new technology in the school to good use and use it to put a smile on our students’ faces,” Hamilton told ABC News. “Because we all waited for that snow day call when we were kids,” she added.

Hamilton said that Principal Mallory Stevens suggested doing a song and the production teacher helped put it together with the entire staff.

The group arranged it in about 15 minutes, Hamilton said, and they played the video to all classrooms 10 minutes before the 2 p.m. release on Wednesday.

“About a minute into it, you could hear screaming and all sorts of chaotic noise. The kids were laughing, they absolutely loved it,” Hamilton said.

The school’s motto is, “Work hard, play hard,” giving the staff a “chance to show [the students] you can have a little fun,” Hamilton said.