Makeup artist gives herself horrifying monster makeovers

Meet Sammy Staines of Dorset, England.

Sammy Staines/@sammylovesfossasMakeup artist Sammy Staines, 31, is from Dorset, England.

Now look at her terrifying monster makeovers.

Sammy Staines/@sammylovesfossasStaines said she loves doing monster makeovers because “there is no limit to what you can create.”

Sammy Staines/@sammylovesfossasThis makeover is called “Brain Melt.”

The Instagram star said she loves doing them because “there is no limit to what you can create.”

Staines, 31, said she started out doing “just beauty makeup” but then began “to get more and more creative from there.”

“I’ve always loved art and since applying art to my face, I no longer paint or draw on paper,” she wrote to ABC News. “I especially love doing illusion and monster paint.”

She said her terrifying monster makeovers, which take her about two hours to complete, are not just a Halloween specialty, however.

“All year … I’m watching horror films and painting weird things on my face so I don’t really get that excited for Halloween,” she said, adding that might change when she has kids. “But I’m sure I will be having a horror movie night on Halloween and giving my face a rest.”