Contestants compete in outfit of the day challenge on ‘Closet Raiders’

In the second episode of “Good Morning America’s” digital series, “Closet Raiders” for Facebook Watch, two fashion influencers competed to create the best outfit of the day using only clothing from their family’s closets.

Actress and Miss USA 2012 winner Olivia Culpo hosts the show. This episode featured fashion bloggers Lillian Babaian and Taye Hansberry. Babaian raided her mom’s closet while Hansberry searched through her grandmother’s closet to find the best outfit of the day.

Fashion bloggers face off to create a night out look with clothes from their parents’ closets

“An outfit of the day means personality and style to me,” Babaian said. “My mom is my biggest idol, I grew up wearing her clothes,” she continued.

“My grandma, she’s super stylish … her closet is incredible. It goes back 40 years,” Hansberry said.

To see the final outfits and the winner, watch the second episode of “Closet Raiders” below. Check in weekly for fresh episodes and new challenges.

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