Bride pranks groom by wearing sweats for their wedding day 1st look

Bride Erin Goldberg surprised her husband-to-be with an unconventional outfit for the couple’s first-look wedding photos in Scottsdale, Arizona on Nov. 11.

Erin Goldberg, 25, wore sweatpants and her favorite old cat t-shirt from Walmart instead of her gorgeous wedding gown to prank groom Ean Goldberg, 31.

Molly McElenney PhotographyGroom Ean Goldberg got quite the surprise when he turned around for his first-look wedding

“It was so funny to watch him because I could tell when he was turned around, he was anxious and excited to see me in my dress,” the bride told ABC News of the wedding-day prank.

Molly McElenney Photography”I should’ve expected that,” Ean Goldberg told ABC News with a laugh.

But Ean Goldberg, although not expecting the joke, knew he was marrying a prankster.

“I was smiling and facing the other way and was antsy, just so excited to turn around and see her,” the groom recalled. “And when I turned around, the first thing I said that went through my mind was, basically, ‘I should’ve expected that.’”

Molly McElenney PhotographyThe happy couple said it helped break the ice for the big day.

Their photographer, Molly McElenney, said she’s never had a bride ask for a fake first look photo shoot before.

“I liked this one though because it was more personal, and so hilarious,” McElenney wrote to ABC News on Facebook. “It helped ease some of the stress of the day and showcased how hysterical these two lovebirds are. It was unique and such a fun part of the day.”

Molly McElenney PhotographyErin Goldberg loves her old cat t-shirt and baggy sweatpants that she’s had for years.

The happy couple agreed it helped break the ice for the big day.

“When I turned around it was like, ‘OK, she got me.’ I wasn’t mad at all,” said Ean Goldberg.

Molly McElenney Photography”I’m always going to keep him on his toes,” Erin Goldberg said of their future together.

“I’m always going to keep him on his toes,” the bride said of their future together.

Molly McElenney PhotographyEan Goldberg said he knew he was marrying a prankster.

The newlyweds are on their way home from a mini-moon in Sedona, where “so far” the bride said she hasn’t pranks her new husband again.