Bridal party wears bandages after bride forced to wear cast at wedding

One bride, who was forced to wear a cast at her wedding, got a pleasant surprise when her bridal party sported bandages in solidarity.

Jaclyn Summers was home alone, trying to stop her dogs from chewing apart their dog beds when she tripped over the dog gate and fell down the stairs. The Summerville, South Carolina, woman told ABC News that she immediately called her parents and future husband, Jonathan, to head to the hospital.

“I’m 28 and I’ve never broken a bone and literally a week before my wedding this happens,” she recalled of the Aug. 20 incident.

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Jaclyn Summers Jaclyn Summers smiles in her doctor’s office on Aug. 20 after breaking her wrist and undergoing surgery to repair it.

Summers was diagnosed with a broken wrist and nerve damage, and had to undergo a nearly three-hour surgery four days later.

The bride’s husband tried to cheer Summers up, but of course the entire ordeal was a bit unnerving.

“The stress of planning a wedding and the stress of this happening, it could really dampen the experience,” Jonathan Summers told ABC News.

To life his future wife’s spirits, he and the rest of their nine-person bridal party decided that Jaclyn Summers wouldn’t be the only one in a cast at their Aug. 31 wedding. After his cousin suggested it, Jonathan Summers, 33, snuck to a local store and bought ACE bandages for the entire bridal party to wear.

Jenee Ann PhotographyJaclyn and Jonathan Summers wed Aug. 31 at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.

After their nuptials, where they exchanged vows in front of more than 100 guests inside Charleston’s Magnolia Plantation, Jaclyn Summers went off to take bridal portraits alone while the rest of the bridal party put on their bandages. It was during the group photos when Jaclyn Summers finally realized she wasn’t alone.

“[The photographer] Jennifer was in on it. She said, ‘Why don’t you hold up your hand?'” Jaclyn Summers recalled.

“I held up my hand and all of a sudden I heard, ‘I wear it better’ and I look to my left and see [Jonathan Summers] and I see he has an ACE bandage on his wrist,” she explained. “Then I heard, ‘No, we do,” and I see all of the guys wearing it and then the girls chime in and say, ‘No, we do,” that’s when it kind of hit me.”

Jaclyn Summers said she “was literally laughing to the point of tears” at their kind gesture.

And although the newlyweds haven’t yet planned their honeymoon, Jaclyn Summers said she’s glad because she’s just looking forward to one thing — aside from planning a life with her husband.

“I still can’t wear my wedding ring because my fingers are still swollen so I’m hoping it’ll go down,” she said.