3 expert tips for stress-free back-to-school mornings

Mothers and fathers know that the morning rush of getting their kids off to school can be one of the most stressful parts of the day.

Genevieve Shaw Brown, ABC News Travel & Lifestyle Editor and author of ”The Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First is the Last Thing You Should Do,” shared with “Good Morning America” three tips for making those school mornings stress-free.

It’s common:

First, know you are not alone, she said. Her top tip is to get up before your kids.

“Give yourself time to have a cup of coffee, pack lunch and take a shower in peace. If you’re ready to go when the kid rise, you’ll be less stressed about helping them out the door,” she said.

Prepare everything possible the night before:

“I know parents who go as far to have their kids sleep in their clothes so they can get them out of the house faster each day,” Brown told “GMA.” “Short of that, outfits chosen, breakfast plated and ready to heat, shoes by the door, matching socks set aside and all forms signed and back in the backpack can cut down tremendously on morning stress.”

Keep it Calm:

“Try this trick: every time you feel like yelling in the morning, tell your kid you love them instead,” she said. “You’d be surprised how fast it can diffuse a stressful situation and how cooperative your kids will become once they feel your positive energy.”