1-year-old girl helps dad with laundry in adorable video

A 1-year-old girl loves doing laundry.

Azarah Chea is getting lots of attention on Instagram for helping her dad, Bryan Chea, take clothes out of the washer and place them into the dryer. Her mother, Ashley Chea, caught the hilarious scenario on camera Sunday, and now the video has more than 13,000 views as of Thursday.

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In a caption, Ashlea Chea explained why she didn’t stop her baby girl from lending a helping hand.

“You want your kids to grow up and be responsible adults, start in your home. Trust me, doing everything for your kids only hurts them in the long run. Everyone helps in our home,” Ashley Chea wrote.

Ashley Chea told ABC News she had no idea her daughter could do laundry, but said it doesn’t surprise her.

“She always watches me do the laundry,” she said. “And she did the entire load with Bryan. She took every piece of clothing and put into the dryer. I just caught the tail-end on camera.”

It also helps that her normally introverted baby girl is “definitely an observer,” the Anaheim, California, woman said.