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3 treehouses where nature lovers can relax

Get a birds’ eye view of the beautiful fall foliage when you stay at one of these treehouse hotels. Nestled either near mountain ranges or lush forests, these modern treehouses will have you forgetting about the digital world. Still, the hotels have Wi-Fi just in case you need a fix. 8 Stunning Tree House Hotels […]

Dad and daughter bond while washing her hair

One San Antonio, Texas, dad doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty — or soapy, rather. Francis Garner loves washing his 2-year-old daughter Jayde’s hair. “I wash and do her hair quite a bit,” the father told ABC News. “Everything is equal in this family.” Garner, 25, was caught in the action in an Aug. 25 […]

8 top destinations in Italy where Italians go

You’re at a restaurant and want wine, but you’re not sure what to order. A Tuscan Chianti or Piedmontese Barolo is always a solid choice. Or, you’re ready to splurge on new boots, a winter coat or a handbag. Italian-manufactured clothing and footwear are coveted around the world for their quality and style. The point […]

Bride and groom create epic music video in the pouring rain

This creative couple’s love is a match made in musical heaven. Luke O’Brien, a musician, and his wife, Kathleen O’Brien, made an epic music video during their wedding in the pouring rain. “The timing of it was really crazy,” Luke O’Brien, 30, of Philadelphia told ABC News. “The moment ‘You may now kiss your bride’ […]