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Eric Foner’s Artful Finesse on Lee Statues

In a penetrating essay in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, the distinguished Columbia professor, Eric Foner, weighed in on the Robert E. Lee question. The question, of course, is whether the many statues of Lee throughout the South should be ripped down and destroyed or perhaps consigned to a few out-of-the-way museums. That was […]

‘Woke’ Librarians Take Their Politics to Another Level

Everyone knows the old caricature of the local librarian: a white, middle-aged woman, slightly plump, a bit intimidating, shushing patrons while wearing comfortable clothing—cardigans especially—and unflattering shoes. Sadly, a more damaging and likely more accurate moniker has emerged in the age of Google: anachronistic. Internet search has degraded the perceived value of public libraries as […]

Wolverines! Rocky! … Comrade Detective?

The first episode of Comrade Detective opens with producer and star Channing Tatum sitting in a movie theater with journalist Jon Ronson. They are gathered to present a forgotten treasure from an even more forgotten time, which took over two decades to find, in a continent-spanning search, and obtained “with the cooperation of five international […]

iGen Post-Millennials: Put Down Your Phones, Get a Job

Kids these days, amirite? That, of course, has long been the rallying cry of old fogies everywhere. But in her new book iGen, psychology professor Jean M. Twenge doesn’t just complain about the generation coming up behind the Millennials. She painstakingly documents their values and behaviors relative to the generations that came before—finding some healthy […]

Religious Liberty Could be Big Loser in Wedding Cake Challenge

With news that the Supreme Court will hear Masterpiece vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission this fall, Washington’s think tanks have been abuzz with talk of religious freedom. In the past week, both the conservative Heritage Foundation and centrist Brookings Institution hosted discussions on the status of religious liberty in American public life. The events, while […]

The New Elite’s Silly Virtue-Signaling Consumption

Today’s ascendant class, which emerged in the late 1970s and burgeoned in the 1990s, has been called the “educated elite,” the “cosmopolitan class,” the “new establishment,” the “creative class,” the “meritocratic elite,” the “exam-passing class,” the “metropolitan class,” the “new face of wealth,” the “labor market elite,” the “new upper class,” the “bourgeois bohemians,” the […]

Casting New Light on Sexual Exploitation of Men and Boys

The term ‘sexual exploitation’ tends to conjure notions of young girls being taken, a la the Liam Neeson movie franchise, into sexual slavery. This sort of sexual exploitation is indeed a massive problem worldwide, including here in the United States. And while there is still much work to do to end the exploitation of women, […]

Want to Unify America? Try College Football

For the cultural elites, places like the Upper East Side, Lower Westchester County, the Main Line, Chevy Chase, McLean, and Palo Alto represent the pinnacle of American Civilization. According to scholar Charles Murray, the people who live in these places graduated from the same schools, read the same columnists, worship the same gods, and have […]