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The Rise of Woke Monarchism

Related Stories Britain’s Nervous Breakdown #MeToo Hops the Pond Royal weddings are all about symbolism. They are always caught between two clichéd places: the past, with all the old-fashioned pageantry and pomp, and the future, with all the hope and optimism about what might come next. For the marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton […]

No, I Won’t Check My Privilege

Related Stories Six Months in, #MeToo Has Become Infantilizing and Authoritarian The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing’ Everything “Check your privilege!” It happened again last week. I was speaking about feminism to a large and vocal audience and my views were, rightly, coming under scrutiny. I was accused of criticizing #MeToo but ignoring domestic violence, […]

The Anti-Respectibility Politics of Philip Roth

Related Stories Tom Wolfe’s Tribalist America Hugh Hefner, a Man Among ‘Mad Men’ (1926-2017) Updike’s Affair With America Philip Roth, perhaps the last of the greats of American postwar literature (or at least, as more than one obit has noted, the last of the Great White Males), passed away this week, yet his works promise […]

How Donald Trump Killed Left-Wing Political Satire

American political satire died on January 24, 2016. It had sickened a little during the previous decade, but still looked as though it might be on the mend. Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” may have gotten complacent during the Bush years, but during the Obama administration it was able to mock the Nobel Peace Prize recipient […]

The Sad Decline of Barnes & Noble

Reports of Barnes & Noble’s imminent demise have long been foretold—and not necessarily exaggerated. The bookstore has been on a downward slide for years. In 2013, its CEO resigned amid the company’s Nook expansion failure. At the time, Idea Logical’s Mike Shatzkin alleged that Barnes & Noble would not recover; it could only hope to […]

Ripping the Mask Off Wilson’s World Stage Play

President Woodrow Wilson’s Vice President, Thomas Marshall, famously quipped while presiding over the Senate: “What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar.” But what this country needs today is a public debate over perpetual unconstitutional presidential wars that have reduced the Republic and its magnificent separation of powers to rubble. The topic has […]

Yes, Video Games Are Art

Are video games art? Were they not, it would be necessary to pretend they are. Roger Ebert claimed that video games could not be art, in part because of their inextricable relationship with commercialism and in part because they did not present a single experience curated by the artist. That would seem to render buildings […]

Tom Wolfe’s Tribalist America

Tom Wolfe in person was rather subdued, even bland. I remember feeling oddly crestfallen when I discovered this, that the writer who had so long enchanted me on the page wasn’t a drawling troublemaker like Hunter S. Thompson or a puckish raconteur like Gore Vidal. Indeed, Wolfe’s personality may have been the only quiet thing […]

‘English Only’ is a Distraction, Not a Solution

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission recently filed a complaint against the Albertsons supermarket chain in San Diego for requiring its employees, including Latinos, to speak exclusively in English while at work. Some in the mainstream media, led by Newsweek and the California talk show host Ethan Bearman, have cheered on the Civil Rights Commission and lamented the […]