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Why George Will is Wrong About Smokers

Smokers, George Will says, lack “common sense.” In a late December opinion column in the Washington Post, Will declared, “Filling one’s lungs with smoke from a burning plant is dumb.” Yet in our digital age where people are eternally “plugged in”—where it’s increasingly rare to see anyone walking or standing around who isn’t immersed in […]

The Left Culturally Appropriates Catholicism

Vogue magazine recently came under fire from the left. The reason? They were culturally appropriating long, decorated nails. In the same week, Georgetown University, our nation’s oldest Catholic institution of higher learning, announced it will now provide a housing option for students wishing to explore their genders and sexual identities. These two seemingly unrelated stories are […]

Spielberg’s ‘Post’: Clumsy, Inaccurate, Anti-Trump Twaddle

Steven Spielberg’s “The Post,” starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, tells the story of the Washington Post’s decision in 1971 to publish parts of the Pentagon Papers, which detailed the government’s secret conduct during the Vietnam War. It’s a whimper of a movie, throwing bad history at the screen to make a clumsy but ever […]

Jesus is Coming …To Silicon Valley

Is there a Christian renaissance afoot in Silicon Valley? That’s probably an overstatement, if HBO’s fictionalized account of the place is any guide. Recall that in season two of Silicon Valley, Erlich Bachman tells incubee wannabees pitching a religiously themed dog sharing service that “Christianity is borderline illegal in Northern California.”   Jesus is similarly scarce […]

Hail Cicero, a Death and Afterlife

Most Americans remember December 7 as the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the attempted destruction of the American republic. But it is an important date in history for another reason: December 7 also marks the anniversary of the murder of Cicero–statesman, orator, and philosopher–and the symbolic end of the Roman Republic (or, […]

5 Tips to Make Your Office Christmas Party Better Than Vox’s

Here’s a joke that should be popular this time of year: What do you call an office Christmas party where there’s no alcohol? Not worth going to. But while alcohol might be the great “social lubricant,” Harvey Weinstein is apparently why the employees at Vox—as Taylor Swift would say—“can’t have nice things.” The liberal media […]

This ‘Mad Men’ Gets an Unapologetic Woman’s Sparkle

In “Mad Men,” we saw 1960s New York City primarily from a man’s point of view. While the show featured the polish and sleek look of its era, it also showed us the grotesque and the damaged, the ugly imperfections underneath that façade of beauty. With Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new Amazon Prime series “The Marvelous Mrs. […]

St. Benedict Wore Prada

In a world where billionaire businessmen regularly undercut wages, mechanize labor, and offshore production to meet quarterly deadlines, Brunello Cucinelli has done something different. The Italian fashion designer has merged the philosophies of Stoicism, Christianity, and German idealism to create a billion-dollar company. His focuses include creating long-lasting, quality products, paying employees a living wage, […]

An Ode to Progressive Rock

There are few joys in this insane world greater than the pleasure of really artful music, whatever the genre, whatever the market. And of all of the rock bands in the world, the best might very well be England’s Big Big Train (BBT). Well known in the U.K. and Europe, they remain relatively unknown in North […]

Curtain Goes Up on White Male Bashing Opera

Over the last three decades or so of attending performances, I always lean forward with anticipation at the prospect of a new composition. The times being what they are, I know I’ll probably be disappointed, perhaps even repulsed, but there is always a chance that something remarkable may happen. It was with just such mixed […]