Tesla Plans to Create New Charging Stations That Sell Lunch and Coffee

Tesla Plans to Create New Charging Stations That Sell Lunch and Coffee
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Tesla owners, who can surely be proud of their responsible attitude to the environment, might soon get an additional bonus from the worldwide known manufacturer of electric cars.

Tesla plans to build new charging stations that sell food, coffee and even offer other shopping opportunities for its customers, Business Insider wrote.

The company’s charging stations are currently scattered through the US and other countries, ensuring that Tesla owners have a fast and convenient way to recharge their cars.

The problem is that they are often located in places where people have few options for passing the time while waiting for their cars to recharge.

By establishing so-called “Megachargers” that are expected to function as charging stations and stores at the same time, the company will give drivers the chance to spend their time with pleasure; these stations will also open new opportunities to its own business.

Some experts believe that Tesla’s new project could involve major companies as Amazon or Starbucks, but others argue that the corporation will likely use it as chance to create new products — for example its own coffee brand.

“There’s no way that Tesla can blow the chance to create its own coffee. They could call it ‘Elon’s Blend’ — bold, complex flavors, with a hint of, um, musk,” Business Insider’s observer wrote.

Tesla, Inc. is an US automaker, specializing in the production of electric cars and residential solar panels.

Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is also known for his other ambitious projects, including a 30-level system of tunnels in Los Angeles and his Neuralink startup.

The latter company is supposedly developing neural interface technologies that connect our brains to computers.