Day: May 1, 2018

Deputy attorney general depicts latest GOP critics as cowards

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein vowed on Tuesday that the Justice Department “is not going to be extorted” by certain critics, and he depicted as cowards a group of Republicans who have drafted articles of impeachment against him. “I just don’t have anything to say about documents like that that nobody has the courage to […]

White House defends seizure of Trump’s medical records

The White House says President Donald Trump’s former bodyguard did nothing out of the ordinary when he took possession of the president’s medical records in what Trump’s former doctor says felt like a “raid.” Harold Bornstein, Trump’s longtime personal doctor, told NBC that Keith Schiller and two others showed up at his office in February […]

US border agency tests body-cam use by agents in 9 locations

U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Tuesday began testing the use of body cameras by its employees at nine locations, potentially leading to a broad rollout by the nation’s largest law enforcement agency that would make it the first federal agency to use the devices on a large scale. Customs and Border Protection previously concluded […]