Day: April 16, 2018

US and UK blame Russia for cyber hacks on routers worldwide

The White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and British officials announced Monday that Russian state-sponsored actors targeted millions of internet routers in the United States, the United Kingdom and worldwide. US and UK officials said that they have “high confidence” that cyber actors supported by the Russian government have carried out a coordinated campaign […]

Samsung Releases Internet-Blocking Not-So-Smartphone in South Korea

Samsung Releases Internet-Blocking Not-So-Smartphone in South Korea © REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji/Tech22:40 16.04.2018Get short URL 0 10 Samsung announced on Friday that it was releasing its Galaxy J2 Pro smartphone in South Korea; but buyers beware, you won’t be surfing the web on it. According to the company, the so-called smartphone “blocks mobile data such as 3G, […]

NFL ban use of 10 helmet models after safety tests

The NFL and the NFL Players Association has banned specific types of helmets for the first time in a bid to improve player safety. The decision was based on the latest annual laboratory tests used to assess helmets, from best-to-worst performing. A total of 10 helmet models have been banned, six immediately with another four […]