Day: February 2, 2018

China Flexes New Electromagnetic Railgun-Armed Warship (PHOTOS)

China Flexes New Electromagnetic Railgun-Armed Warship (PHOTOS)CC BY-SA 2.0 / Marion Doss / EMRGMilitary & Intelligence22:13 02.02.2018Get short URL 0 0 0 Pictures circulating on social media indicate that China’s navy may have mounted an electromagnetic rail gun on a warship, a feat that has yet to be tested at sea. A photo of a huge […]

Macclesfield apologise over late payment of player wages

Macclesfield Town have apologised for failing to pay their players and staff last month and say the payments will be made on Monday. In a statement, a club spokesperson said: “Following the delayed receipt of budgeted monies from an overseas source, the football club will be in a position to pay wages on Monday. We […]

A Republican operative explains the hypocrisy of the Nunes memo

As far as Republican operative Tim Miller, who was formerly on Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign and advised the anti-Trump Super PAC Our Principles, is concerned, the highly anticipated Republican “memo” on the FBI’s Russia investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign was much ado about nothing. The release of California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes’s controversial memo, which […]

6 things to know about the NFL, concussions, and CTE

Football isn’t just a contact sport — it’s a dangerous game based on massive bodies colliding into one another. And while it may seem obvious that this sport can do extraordinary damage to brains and bodies, it’s taken a shockingly long time for the NFL, the medical community, and football fans to fully reckon with […]